Doha 2016 2nd Round after win over Allertova

Doha 20169Genie def. Denisa Allertova (CZE) 7-6 7-5

Q. That’s two pretty hard matches you’ve had here, isn’t it? Must be pleased with two wins?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I’m happy with the way I fought, but I definitely feel like my level of tennis could be better. Directly after the match today, I went to the practice court to do some extra serves because I just felt like that part of my game today was really not good enough.

Q. How does it feel generally to be back playing tennis regularly?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Amazing. I can’t complain even if I play terrible. I’m so happy to be back on tour. I’m really grateful. I really realized how much I missed and loved tennis when I was forced out because of my injury at the end of 2015.
So grateful is the main feeling and motivated.

Q. Are you fully recovered from that now?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I am, yes. I still, you know, take it day by day, and I’m careful with everything I do. Still analyzing and still self-assessing how I feel.
But I was able to go to Australia, play some good matches over there. So I’m confident of taking a step forward. I hope to continue to do so.

Q. Are you happy with your coaching situation now?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yes. It’s great to have a great coach with me. I started with Thomas after the US Open. It’s been very good. He’s very intense and motivating, kind of gives me energy.
So I think those were the things I was actually surprised with and something I haven’t had in a coach before, so it’s quite nice.

Q. I’m sorry to be asking this again and again. Yours is the next show court match. You were saying that you were not happy with your performance yet. What would you think it would take for you to raise and match that level of your own, if not the opponent?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Well, I’m hoping with each match that I play here, my level will get better and better. It’s a work in progress. It’s a long journey.
I was out for a lot of months last year, so I’m not expecting miracles. I know I have to work hard every day in practice and every match I play. Just believe that it will come.

Q. The next clash, is there anything on your mind or do you just go out and play? Is there any plan or strategy?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Well, I’m really excited, first of all, to get anther match here in Doha. I don’t know who my opponent will be, but I want to go and play some great tennis. Show the people here how well I can play. Prove to myself, you know, that I can perform day after day. I think consistency is key for me.

Q. Do you have a particular goal for this year? Your ranking has obviously dropped a lot.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: My first goal is to remain healthy. That’s most important thing because if you’re not healthy, you’re sitting on the sideline and that sucks.
Besides that, more focused on the tennis aspect, to get my game to where I know I can be. You know, I want to forget about 2015 as well, and just really look forward and be positive and excited about the opportunities and just try to play better tennis.
I don’t really want to put specific performance goals because I’ve been out for so long and I’m not really sure, but just be happy to be doing a job that I love.

Q. If you could go back in your career and replay one match, I said you could go back and play it differently, which match might that be?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Obviously, that would have to be the Wimbledon final.

Q. What would you want to do differently then?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Now being a year and a half later or so, I have more experience. After having played that final, I learned so much. To be able to go back and maybe not be so overwhelmed by the moment. Take more time during the match. Let go of the nerves. Kind of go for it a bit more.
A bunch of things I learned that hopefully I can use if I’m ever lucky enough to be in another slam final.

Q. Just one last question. Your legal case against the USTA, is that continuing?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yes, that is on going.