Indian Wells 2016 2nd Round after win over Stephens

Indian Wells 2016Genie def. Sloane Stephens (USA) (21) 7-5 7-5

Q. Were you counting the set points?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Was it four? Five? See? No. I mentally blocked one out there I guess.

Q. Did you block the one out when she had the forehand at the net?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: That happens to all of us. I have done my fair share of those. So I was just going to take whatever I could get. I just kept trying to fight. I had inner belief I could come through.

Q. Did you sort of feel you were more or less the more solid player from start to finish? It was close, but you were the more solid player?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I think so, yeah. I definitely felt I was playing a better level than my previous match. I felt a little more like myself out there.
We had some great points, really both going at it, and, you know, I was just, I think, a bit more aggressive. I think that made the difference.

Q. What do you think has been working for well for your tennis these last few weeks compared to some of the things you went through last year?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Well, not thinking about last year helps. I have just really been working hard. I took time after Australia to practice. I decided not to play and really just trying to get my game to another level.
I think that has helped, and I think playing a lot of matches as well this year has helped. Just gives me that confidence, because I really didn’t play a lot last year and didn’t win a lot.
So I have been determined to change that this year.

Q. Is there anything technically or tactically that’s specific that you want to cite?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Well, with ^ Tomas, he loves my game, and he just wants to make it better. We have definitely worked on trying to move forward into the court, and also being solid, being consistent. I definitely felt I could rely on both my shots tonight, forehand and backhand. It’s important to have that confidence to know that you have that consistency.

Q. How are you doing with all the post-concussion stuff since Australia? Everything been okay on that front?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yeah. Thank you for asking. You know, once in a while I feel like I have little lapses, and I think that’s still maybe to be expected. You never know exactly, you know, how you’re going to heal from these things or how long it will take.
In Malaysia I felt like I suffered some symptoms. As I have been here in this great desert, dry weather, I have been great. Just something I constantly monitor. Just trying to stay on top of it.

Q. What do the lapses feel like?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Well, I felt like – I felt a little bit last year when it had just happened, I think I’m still a bit sensitive to some conditions, extreme conditions, like extreme humidity. You know, I just had some symptoms like dizziness, fogginess, vision, kind of double vision things.
But I got through it and I’m feeling okay now. Just about trying to stay healthy.

Q. What did you feel like after you survived that game and got back to 5-All in the second?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Well, I tried not to be, you know, too happy about it because I knew there was still work to do. Kept my head down and kept trying to work. I didn’t want to get too emotional.
She could have easily played some great games and won those games. When I was down 5-4 and she was serving 40-Love, I was already thinking about going to the bathroom after the second set. You know, I was ready for a third.

Q. Was it meaningful for you to have The Great One in your box?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yes. Yeah, it was such an honor to have him watch. I know he came to the US Open last year, as well. As soon as I saw him in the box I got nervous.
Actually, as soon as I saw him I lost a game and played pretty bad and I was wondering if he would leave or whatever. I was thinking, I have to get my game up a little. I know his daughter is an aspiring tennis champion. It’s cool that they are really into it and supportive.

Q. You didn’t know he would be in your box?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I wasn’t sure 100% if he’d want to sit in my box. Him and his family did. They are really into it, so I love it.

Q. You have had a lot of great wins in your career. Where does this rank compared to lately?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: It’s important to me because it’s kind of on my comeback as I have kind of called this year. It gives me confidence looking forward. You know, I don’t want to look back or don’t want to think about 2014 or 2015 really, so this one is important. It’s kind of a step forward, and I just want to keep going.

Q. Coming in, moving forward, taking the ball out of the air.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yeah, I think there was some good, quality stuff there. When she came in she was very successful, I think. I was disappointed in myself that I missed so many passing shots. She did a great job of that, as well. That’s what I like to do.

Q. Do you ever have any flashbacks to when you played when you were kids in a match like that?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: No. No, but I know her game, so it’s — I don’t know. Yeah, you have this kind of familiar feeling playing someone like that. I don’t think about the past too much. I know it’s a new match and a new year, new everything.

Q. Did she play like that when she was 12? Same game?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Same style. She’s always had a great forehand. She’s always been very physical during the points. I think that’s a great quality of her hers.

Q. You sort of looked up to Maria. Wondering your thoughts on her this week.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I was very shocked and disappointed. As I said before, she was an idol of mine growing up. To think of your childhood idol and wonder if it was a lie, it really affected me a lot.

Q. Do you think that’s sort of the gravity you put with it, of this news?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I mean, we all don’t know enough yet, I think. But, you know, to question those things is very disappointing.

Q. Aside from Gretzky, who else would get your attention or make you more nervous?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: That’s a hard question. (Smiling.) The prime minister? The president? Yeah.